Create a Professional Android Mobile App for Your Blog


Create a Professional Android Mobile App for Your Blog
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Most of the people in the world are now using Android Smartphones.
Bloggers can now see that they have a huge audience that is coming to their blog via mobile. It is very important in that case to have their blog's own mobile app where blog posts are automatically updated and many other features.

Now Google's Latest Material Design Added for Free


→ Whenever anything is posted on the blog, it will automatically appear on the app.
→ Different sections and categories can be added in the app.
→ The app has search bar that can search from posts within the app.
→ The app has many types of posts sorting option.
→ Multiple themes and layouts are supported in the app. You can even give your color scheme for the layout.
→ The app has settings page will lots of option to make user experience awesome.
→ You can give your logo and background and time for splash screen also. (Optional)
→ The app can contain feed from you Facebook Fanppage. (optional)

→ The app will contain a page of your Youtube Videos Feeds which can directly be opened within the app.. (optional)
→ The app will contain a Contact Us Page wit your logo. (optional)
→ The app will contain an about page which will have detail about the app and your company.
→ The app will have your own icon.
→ We can add custom HTML 5 pages in the app.
→ The app will have an in-built web browser so whenever opens any post, it can be seen within the app.
→ And lots more............

So now you can see that you will get a lots and lots of high quality feature in your app at a very price.

Below are some basic images of how app will look like:

So above are some images of the app. These are screesnhots of old version. App now comes with Material Design Integrated

There are many more features that we can add to your app.
If you have any custom request, you can surely contact us anytime.

So as you have seen, your app will be awesome and everybody will surely like it.
So what are you waiting for, just hit the order button and get your very own blog app at a very low cost and we will also provide you 3 revisions and support for 10 days .

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Create a Professional Android Mobile App for Your Blog

Create a Professional Android Mobile App for Your Blo... for $35

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